Student Work

Graduate Fellows Theses

  • Bat Activity and Distribution in Coastal Soutcentral Alaska:

    Copper River Delta

    By: Jessica L. Faust, B.A.

    August 2018

  • Portrait of Leif Hammes B.S.

    Coastal Erosion Model of Elson Lagoon:

    A Process Based Arctic Capable Model

    By: Leif Hammes B.S.

    August 2018

  • Portrait of Kelsey Frazier B.S.

    Arctic Sea Ice:

    The Development of a 3-D Model for Enhanced Subsurface Storage Capacity Calculations

    By: Kelsey Frazier B.S.

    December 2019

  • Portrait of Matthew Vincent Ahlrichs, B.A.

    Life Cycle Cost Assessment of a Geospatially Optimized Wireless

    By: Matthew Vincent Ahlrichs, B.A.

    August 2018