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Arctic Geofencing

Arctic Vessel Monitoring, Geofencing & Alert Awareness


The project team is working with stakeholders to design, develop, and implement a web-based geospatial tool in an ArcGIS Online format. Through regular interaction with stakeholders, the project team is identifing critical needs and develop a tool that meets the demand caused by the increased activity in the Arctic domain and provide a tool for comprehensive domain awareness for Arctic operators. The project will proceed through six phases:

1- Identify present limitations of user experience (U/X) and user interface (U/I) in the presently available systems and will recommend ways forward

2- Collecting underlying data and building the web application

3- Alpha release

4- Beta releases

5- Transition tool to government stakeholders

6- Verification and validation period where we will repeat the U/X and U/I testing from phase one on the new application to determine how our findings from earlier in the project improved the application.

Arctic Geofencing
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Portrait of 		Dr. Shawn Butler

Principal Investigator

Dr. Shawn Butler

LTC (Ret.) Army Ph.D. Computer Science Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Alaska, Anchorage

Principal Investigator

Buddy Custard

CAPT (Ret.) USCG President and Chief Executive Officer Alaska Maritime Prevention & Response Network, Anchorage, Alaska