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Arctic Summer Internship Program




University of Texas
El Paso


Introduce students to field research in Arctic climates and equiping them to tackle the challenges researchers have to deal with daily. The ADAC's Arctic Summer Internship Program (ASIP) recruits undergraduate and graduate students to participate in 10 weeks of hands-on research with one of ADAC's supported projects, or on tailored assignments in support of ADAC's mission.

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Starting in program year 5 (July 2018 - June 2019), the ADAC Fellowship Program’s MSI component was integrated with ADAC’s Arctic Summer Internship Program (ASIP). The integrated program recruits undergraduate and graduate students from partnering MSI’s and beyond to participate in 10 weeks of hands-on research with one of ADAC’s supported projects, or on tailored assignments in support of ADAC’s mission. In an effort to extend the impact of ADAC’s scientific and educational work more broadly across the country, the MSI Summer Internship Program recruitment targets student participation from outside the University of Alaska system. ADAC conducted its initial Summer Internship Program in the summer of 2017.

In the following summer, ADAC was pleased to host the inaugural Arctic Summer Internship Program (ASIP) led by Dr. Craig Tweedie (University of Texas at Al Paso) and Andy Mahoney (University of Alaska Fairbanks). The 2018 ASIP included a two-week fieldwork component in Utqiagvik, Alaska (formerly known as Barrow) that offered participating students the opportunity to experience work conducting research and living in the High North by the Arctic Ocean. Limited travel and living expense support are available for enrolled students taking part in the 2019 ASIP internship. Over the years, ASIP has continued to be a highlight of ADAC and a life changing event for the students who participate. Whether the team is traveling across sea ice, boating along the coast, or hiking the tundra, there is always an experience to be had. You never know if the weather will be freezing cold, windy, or wet. Most of the students who participate have never been to the Arctic before, and after spending several days there, it has helped shape the minds of the next generation to see our northern territories as a dynamic environment that must be experienced to be better understood.



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Dr. Craig Tweedie

Principal Investigator