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Arctic Domain Awareness Center University of Alaska Executive Director

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Audubon, February 2016: Arctic on the Edge-Special Issue. Aboard the Last Ship to Nowhere-M Funk and E Horvath. Featuring J. Welker and E. Kleins’s ADAC sea ice and oil detection program.

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Inclusive Planning for Changing Arctic Futures: Demonstrating a Scenario-Based Discussion

By: Sherri Goodman, Peter Davies, Jim Townsend, & Marisol Maddox

Report on the Goals and Objectives for Arctic Research 2019-2020

For the US Arctic Research Program Plan

America is an Arctic Nation—It’s Time We Acted Like It

By: Jeremy M McKenzie

The Arctic and U.S. National Security

2018 DOD Arctic Science & Technology Synchronization Workshop Report

Linking Arctic System Science Research to Decision Maker Needs

Co-Producing Sea Ice Decision Support Tools in Utqiaġvik, Alaska

By: Nathan P. Kettle, Dina Abdel-Fattah, Andrew R. Mahoney, Hajo Eicken, Lawson W. Brigham & Joshua Jones

The North American Arctic

Themes in Regional Security

By: Dwayne Ryan Menezes and Heather N. Nicol

Academic Analysis on the Feasibility of Shipping Liquefied Natural Gas From Alaska’s North Slope

Revised Final Draft Edition
(Pending final release on 1 April 2020)

ADAC Arctic Spill Modeling (AMSM)