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Arctic Geofencing

Arctic Vessel Monitoring, Geofencing & Alert Awareness

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The project team seeks to advance Arctic maritime domain awareness & management by developing enhanced protocols and software to AIS technology, leading to appropriate action for safe and environmentally sound maritime operations in the Arctic. This project will develop and apply innovative AIS software and procedures to automatically transmit "alerts" of vessel movements of concern to authorized parties. The project will aid Coast Guard decision-makers in rapidly distilling, analyzing, and prioritizing potential threats through the development of triggered "watch-dog" alarms facilitated by enhanced geofencing technology. This project will provide the capability for alerts to be configured by a wide range of specified criteria and parameters, including vessel type, size, speed, activity, and geographic location, each of which will be defined with the help of agency regulators and coastal communities.

Arctic Vessel Monitoring Geofencing/Alert Awareness

By: Buddy Custard, Capt, USCG (Ret.),
Dr. Shawn Butler

Arctic Vessel Monitoring Geofencing/Alert Awareness

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By: Dr. Shawn Butler, UAA

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