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Education Program

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ADAC’s education program is designed to foster the next generation of scientists and engineers for the DHS Enterprise, with the objective of developing a skilled workforce oriented to the Arctic domain. Open to qualified undergraduate and graduate students, the ADAC education program is comprised of two major components: the Workforce Development Program (WFD) (also called the ADAC Fellows Program), and the Minority Serving Institution (MSI) focused Arctic Summer Internship Program (ASIP). The specific aim of the ADAC education program is two-fold: 1) To contribute to the growth of highly skilled workforce for Homeland Security agencies; and 2) To contribute to the capability of the U.S. Coast Guard operator in support of USCG missions in the Arctic.

ADAC’s Education Programs

By: Ellee Matthews, ADAC Education & Administrative Manager
Dr Craig Tweedie, UTEP

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