ADAC has an abundant presence both locally and internationally. ADAC continually expands its audience by engaging in workshops and exercises across the Arctic as well as collaborating with academic and federal institutions in principal locations across the United States. By employing a number of media platforms, ADAC aims to spread its awareness to educate and assist appropriate and concerned audiences about the strategically imperative knowledge and products being developed at the Center to sustain a safe and secure Arctic domain.


LRAUV: Arctic Oil-Spill-Mapping Robot Put to the Test 12/14/2018
ADAC’s 29-30 November 2017 Annual Meeting at HQ USCG, Washington D.C.
Snapshot: DHS Centers of Excellence Create Future Problem Solvers,, 9/16/16
Arctic Domain Awareness Center Leverages Technology to Assist Circumpolar Operations, KUAC Radio, 8/26/2016
Cruise-ship Evacuation Exercise Begins as Luxury Liner Prepares for Arctic Ocean Transit, KUAC Radio, 8/23/2016
Scientists Expanding Network of Observers to Better Track Arctic Climate Change Impacts, KUAC Radio, 7/15/2016